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Human beings have an innate urge to communicate. Sharing is a part of who we are. Whether it’s sharing knowledge or extending care, we love to engage with other human beings. Communication is a natural physical and mental need. But in these times of Artificial Intelligence and perhaps synthetic sentiments, we have digitised communication too. We can no longer feel, touch, or sense the presence of our loved ones, often because of work overload. Such compromises have made us grow colder and uncertain among real people. In digitising our relationship with the world, we have created many a Berlin Wall between us and others. Needless to say, our experiences are now defined by the number of likes and shares and not by healthy conversations.

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Holden Kunze


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Kamron Huels


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Deangelo Mante


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Marilou Gerlach


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Melissa Stark


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Trevor Nikolaus

Social media

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